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There is always one person out of three who has the unlucky chance of getting caught up in a mess during a Cash on Delivery (COD) payment – you, us or the delivery guy. More than often, it’s the delivery guy, but the end point of the statement is that COD payments can be quite the hassle. Due to that, we have these few policies to keep problems at a minimum and have everyone at peace:

-   The option for COD as a payment method is only available to a few selected countries. However, we are always on the move to improve daily, and shall be reaching your place soon.

-   When tending cash, please make sure to keep the exact amount of change in order to make the delivery easier.

-   If you find anything wrong with your order, and want a refund instead of a return, then the cash you paid on delivery would be returned to you through the mode of Bank Transfer in a period of 7 days that follow after the package is received by us.

-   There is no extra charge on COD deliveries – that is one good thing about it. Charges are only put on invoice orders. 

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